05 October 2017

Our Journey to Cannabis Oil Part 2

I left off some people on my last post who use CBD oil and I didn't even think about it until later. I realized I didn't even mention myself or my mom. :)

My mom was diagnosed with something called familial tremors. She presents similarly to someone who has Parkinson's and it is treated with meds just like Parkinson's but technically it isn't Parkinson's. I knew CBD oil has been proven to be effective in treating people with Parkinson's (check out projectcbd.org for more info) so I put my mom on it to see if it would help her.

She's been on it a couple of months now and had a check up with her neuro recently. She took her trusty bottle of CBD to see what he thought of it. It's always wise to check with your doctor but keep in mind they aren't always supportive of alternative and natural methods for treating health issues and she wanted to get his opinion.

She shared the oil with him and apparently he laughed saying it wouldn't hurt but it wouldn't help her at all either. Then he proceeded to tell her that she looked like she was improving in her tremors since he'd seen her last and said he'd see her again in a year. Nothing had changed in her meds, she hadn't made any improvements before now, but here she was looking better than ever and he even noticed it but it couldn't possibly have been the addition of the CBD oil, eh?

My mom traveled out of town recently and didn't want to bring her oil on the plane. By the time her trip was up she was shaking worse and worse. As soon as she got home she got right back on it and the tremors started to diminish right away...but CBD oil couldn't possibly help her, huh?

I also forgot to mention myself. I was "diagnosed" with fibromyalgia, gluten sensitivity, IBS, and EBV. I would suffer severe attacks starting with pain in my stomach and pain in my legs that would radiate into my hips. I would be on the couch or the bed for days because my joints hurt so bad I couldn't function. I would only get up to take Liam to school or to pick him up. I was taking oxycodone or ibuprofen to help with the pain but nothing would make it go away completely, it would just have to stop on it's own. When I researched how many things CBD oil was good for, I knew I needed to be on it too. I've been on it for six months now and I've only had one attack since. Not only was it very short, it wasn't nearly as painful as before. With CBD oil my attacks have stopped and when it does happen to occur it is nothing like they used to be. I have changed my diet along with adding in supplements to help fight the EBV, but I know the CBD oil is making a huge difference in helping me get my life back. CBD oil brings the body to homeostasis and I desperately needed that.

So, that's four of us in my family on it with successful results. I have many more friends and clients using CBD oil to get their life and health back on track. Do some research. Check out how many things phytoCannaBinoid Diol oil is good for. You might be shocked to see the studies done and all the anecdotal info on people using it to treat so many different things with success. Cannabis is healthy, non toxic, and one of the most important plants for your body that you can use. Everyone knows turmeric and ginger are good for you. These are plants that people take in supplement form and CBD is just one more you need to add to your regimen!