23 January 2008

Jan 23, 2008

PRAISE THE LORD! Liam was extubated yesterday morning!! He is on a CANNULA! ;-) The Drs know how fiesty Liam is and knew he would hate the CPAP so they decided to try just the cannula to see how he would do and he is doing really well! The cannula is just the little prongs in his nose giving him some oxygen and a tiny bit of pressure. He is inflating his lungs all by himself and breathing all on his own. Now- they always warn that they can tucker out and end up being put back on the vent or having to go to the CPAP so please pray that he won't ever need to go back to being ventilated again!! His blood gas was great this morning. The only problem is Liam has to be on his tummy a lot or on his side. He loves his back but he can't breath well when he is on his back so for now he is limited. He needs to chill out and relax. Yesterday he squirmed out of his bedding and made his way over to the little portholes in his bed. You would never believe that a little two pound boy could have so much strength until you see it.
Liam is up to 17 cc today on his feedings and doing really well with them!

Prayer: That Liam would continue to do fabulous on his cannula and would never go backwards with his lung development! Pray he would calm down and relax allowing himself to not burn too many calories and breath easier.

Continued prayer for huge leaps forward in his health and healing and no going backwards!


Cin said...

Praise God!!! Isn't it awesome to see how He moves, and in His time???!!! Girl - I have so many people praying for you all, here in Georgia, out in Texas, all over the U.S. Keep me posted!

Love ya!

Constance said...

Yes...Praise God! Goosebumps and happy tears even though I don't even know you. What a wonderful day! May God continue to bless Liam giving him strength. I am so happy to read the good news. I will continue to pray with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!
This is wonderful news, we will continue to pray for progress and strength.

Anonymous said...

woooohooooo! We will continue to pray!!! Love you guys!
Freddie and Rebecca

Allison said...

That is so great! I know that it is such a relief to be making such great strides in the right direction! We love you! We'll continue to pray for your whole family! Praise HIM!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Your little man is such an amazing fighter. Praise GOD!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus! What wonderful news. God has created such a warrior heart in your little man. Liam is being healed by Christ...and God is smiling down on him. We are so happy for you and praise God with you for this great update.

kathy said...

OOOO Goosebumps! That is so exciting. We will continue to pray.
Love you guys.