25 October 2007

October 25, 2007

What I Am Grateful For This week:

1) The fall leaves that my kids can rake into piles and jump into.
2) Hitting the 19th week of my twin pregnancy.
3) Our house in CA didn't burn down (I think I'm grateful for that).
4) Laughter- I get uncontrollable giggles at times when pregnant.
5) Starting a homeschool co-op with some awesome momma's.
6) My big red Lazy Boy chair!

22 October 2007

October 22, 2007

Ian had another baseball game yesterday and his team is undefeated so far this season. We only have one game left. I got excited thinking about having two more little guys to go through Little League with. I started a registry at Amazon and Target. I can't believe how much stuff I need!

17 October 2007

October 17, 2007

My good friend Sandy- who had a stillbirth with her fourth baby 2 weeks after I lost Kyle Ann- is pregnant again! YEA!!! I am sooo happy for her. She is 10 weeks today. So- she is exactly 8 weeks behind me. I am praying for her in ways only the two of us can understand.... I'm just so excited for her!

We had family pictures taken last night for our church and they turned out pretty good! It's hard enough with 3 kids- I can't imagine what it will be like with the twins added in. I wanted to get one of those big family portraits for the wall but I figured that would be silly with new family members on the way.

I got the changing table this past week and have it put up in our room. I plan to go to Raleigh soon and go to Babys-R-Us. It is the closest one. Shawn said- "Don't get too much now cuz we will just have to store it." But- twin pregnancies are cut short by a month anyway. So that gives me less time to get ready. I normally thoroughly enjoy being pregnant but I can't wait for these guys to get here!

15 October 2007

October 15, '07

Ian had a baseball game yesterday and I brought the camera to take pictures. But I left it on the bench and forgot to take any! My mom and I sat and talked about names forever. We had the people in front of us laughing cuz everytime she said a name I said no way.... Ian played great. He has improved soooo much this season. He had great hits each time. It will be so fun to do little league again with these two boys. Still stuck on names. I like Brady for baby B. Shawn doesn't like it but he isn't coming up with any good ones anyway. Both boys had a good time playing last nite. It was the first time that I have had them both moving around a lot at the same time. Shawn even got to feel them! I am 18 weeks tomorrow!!!!!

11 October 2007

Oct. 11, 2007

I had another ultrasound this week for the anatomy scan of both boys. The u/s took an hour and half (15 minutes of it was rebooting the machine as it locked up while doing the u/s). They checked the anatomy while they had me slighted inverted on the table. That was a joy- my reflux was working overtime and my butt went numb! But they checked out everything they could and both boys look great. They are growing well, the spina bifida and downs tests came back normal and they are both weighing 7 oz. Yea! I measured 23 weeks even tho I'm only 17. Which is supposed to happen since I have two in there. But I was grateful to see that my big ole belly isn't just me- Those boys are taking up space!

We are trying to figure out names cuz I am sick of calling them Baby A and baby B. Everytime we find a name someone seems to have a strong reaction to it and it gets nixed. This is gonna be a dilemma- I can tell already. There are only so many Irish names to begin with for boys and all of them seem to not fit in some way. We should just go with Fergus and Shamus.

04 October 2007

October 4, 2007

I am trying not to kill myself with worry (I promise!) but I keep having fits of panic hit me. I woke up this morning with thoughts that both babies were dead. I tried to put it out of my mind but couldn't so I grabbed the doppler and tried to find the heartbeats. As soon as I laid down Baby A kicked me and when I put the doppler on I instantly heard Baby B's heartbeat. Whew- I'm going insane. People tell me it's normal after losing Kyle Ann but I feel like I am not being very trustworthy of the Lord..... I know this pregnancy is out of my hands- He is in control and always will be...... But I feel like my mind is out of control!!

We got a new ferret cage this week and I helped Rylie get it put together this morning. The fuzzies should enjoy it.

Ian and his team won thier ball game this weekend. They played the hardest team and did really well. Ian had two hits! ;-)

Middle School started for Rylie last nite and Ian and Aidan started AWANA. They all really enjoyed themselves in our new family life center. Our church is big.....but cozy at the same time.

And we still have a house for sale....