04 October 2007

October 4, 2007

I am trying not to kill myself with worry (I promise!) but I keep having fits of panic hit me. I woke up this morning with thoughts that both babies were dead. I tried to put it out of my mind but couldn't so I grabbed the doppler and tried to find the heartbeats. As soon as I laid down Baby A kicked me and when I put the doppler on I instantly heard Baby B's heartbeat. Whew- I'm going insane. People tell me it's normal after losing Kyle Ann but I feel like I am not being very trustworthy of the Lord..... I know this pregnancy is out of my hands- He is in control and always will be...... But I feel like my mind is out of control!!

We got a new ferret cage this week and I helped Rylie get it put together this morning. The fuzzies should enjoy it.

Ian and his team won thier ball game this weekend. They played the hardest team and did really well. Ian had two hits! ;-)

Middle School started for Rylie last nite and Ian and Aidan started AWANA. They all really enjoyed themselves in our new family life center. Our church is big.....but cozy at the same time.

And we still have a house for sale....

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