11 October 2007

Oct. 11, 2007

I had another ultrasound this week for the anatomy scan of both boys. The u/s took an hour and half (15 minutes of it was rebooting the machine as it locked up while doing the u/s). They checked the anatomy while they had me slighted inverted on the table. That was a joy- my reflux was working overtime and my butt went numb! But they checked out everything they could and both boys look great. They are growing well, the spina bifida and downs tests came back normal and they are both weighing 7 oz. Yea! I measured 23 weeks even tho I'm only 17. Which is supposed to happen since I have two in there. But I was grateful to see that my big ole belly isn't just me- Those boys are taking up space!

We are trying to figure out names cuz I am sick of calling them Baby A and baby B. Everytime we find a name someone seems to have a strong reaction to it and it gets nixed. This is gonna be a dilemma- I can tell already. There are only so many Irish names to begin with for boys and all of them seem to not fit in some way. We should just go with Fergus and Shamus.

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