31 May 2008

May 30, 2008

My new look- courtesy of Stacy Sample- You rock Stacy!
Usually I get into the mode of needing to change my hair when major things are going on in my life. It makes me feel better I guess to have control over something! I died my hair black while I was in the hospital with Liam and then cut off all my hair when I got home from the hospital. Stacy did my hair yesterday and if I had the before and after photos you would know how much she did to make me look this good! And I didn't have to pay a penny! Stacy is looking at going to a new salon and needed to style someones hair to show she can do it. Well- the sweetie thought of me! And I am so grateful to you Stacy! I would never have taken the time to do this for myself nor would I have even considered spending the money. You did a great job and I feel like a new person!

26 May 2008

March 26, 2008- follow up to March 23th-

Hello Anonymous! Do I know you? ;-) Liam is 9 weeks corrected. Liam has had CDSC come out and evaluate him twice. He will get OT monthly. Liam is doing what he should be doing for his age with the exception of sight related issues. He doesn't track, bat at toys etc... He bats at his toys but not with purpose cuz he doesn't really see them yet. Still praying for that one. Liam has until the end of June for his eyes to focus on me first. He's behind due to his laser surgery and maybe the cerebellum... PRAYING HARD! But Liam is social- he loves to smile when you play with him. He even smiles now when I wake him first thing in the morning. He rolls over from belly to back, he looks for me and toys when we make noise and he is over all a very good baby. And no feeding issues right now- Praise God!

23 May 2008

May 23, 2008 updated

Liam is about 9 lbs now! yea! We took him in to get circumcised this past week but he had a nasty cough so his ped decided not to do it. And since he has preemie lungs she wanted to preempt anything so she put him on antibiotics right away. Luckily it didn't develop into anything else and Liam is fine now. I need to reschedule his circ. tho... I did find out that Liams cerebellum hasn't changed since his previous ultrasound in March. So- I don't know for sure what to say about it. We have to go see a neurologist now tho. We don't get in until July. From preliminary research I have read- the atrophy of the cerebellum can prevent Liam from seeing, talking and/or walking.... We are all praying that Liam will surpass any problems that might occur and pray that we would all stay positive. Liam is a miracle in every way and with that knowledge we know God is able. If you still think of us in your prayers we would appreciate prayer for Liam to progress wonderfully and miraculously through the milestones he should make as a baby. And again- if anyone is still reading our blog.. lol... and I didn't get you a thank you note it isn't because I have forgotten your kindness. I don't know who all pitched in while Liam was in the hospital and I may have inadvertently left out people who I did know pitched in. But I think of all of the kindness shown us often and marvel at the wonderful people God has placed in our lives.

08 May 2008

May 8, 2008

Liam had his 2 month check up this week. He is 7 lbs 10 oz. He cann ow wear newborn clothing! ;-) It's such a big step!! Liam SMILED this week when I was playing with him and has done it several times now so it wasn't just the "reflex".... AND Liam rolled over this past week! If he gets his arms just right he kicks so hard with his legs that he pushes right on over!
We got the results of his MRI. They didn't reveal anything new. So it will be a wait and see what Liam can do with what God has given. We continue to pray that Liam will do wonderfully and it won't be an issue and for continued development for his eyes. He is now eating 2 ounces at every feeding which is great cuz he was only at an ounce per feeding when he came home 7 weeks ago.
I am trying to get back into homeschooling the kids and things are crazy right now with ball season but things are going well! God bless!

01 May 2008

May 1, 2008

Busy week- where do I start? With the great news from the specialist at Duke! She said the Dr who did Liams eyes did a great job. Liam is currently not nearsighted. His optic nerves were nice and pink and his retinas looked good. So why doesn't he see us yet? She said she wasn't worried. Liam needs another two months of time to get to that point and if he still wasn't by then, then we should come back. Otherwise we don't need to see her until 6 months from now! So we are praying for continued healing and growth for Liams eyes... I can't wait until he can see me.

Liam had his MRI on Mon and he was a champ thru it all. I don't have the results yet but will post when I do... Liams Dr called this week to check on him and she again reminded me that the MRi doesn't mean too much cuz we don't know how Liam will do.

We captured a mole this week. The little guy was out in the day scavenging on the surface of the ground. Aidan wanted to keep it! We let him go near the back of our property. And yesterday our dogs found a baby Eastern Cottonttail and thought he would be fun to play with. We'd never heard a rabbit scream. It is ear peircing! Aidan wanted to keep him too.