21 April 2008

April 21, 2008

*Rylie on the left w/ Syd*

*Liam- getting play time*
*Ian & Liam- best buds*
*Liam dwarfed in our Lazy Boy*

12 April 2008

April 12, 2008

Liam had his eye exam this past week. The Dr said he was very pleased with the results of the surgery. But- because Liam still doesn't track and because his eyes don't really dilate we are headed to see the specialist in Raleigh on the 29th. Liam finally hit 6 lbs this past week! YEA! He is filling out his preemie clothes! He has little chubby cheeks and a belly! He is 18 1/4 inches long now too. It's a long way from his 1 lb birth and 12 inches! Liam will get his MRI on the 28th and that will tell us a bit more about his brain development. We are still in prayer over his eyes and his development. At the moment- you'd never know he was a micro-preemie. He looks really good! One of our nurses got to see him last week and she couldn't believe how much he had changed in a month. She said she never would have been able to pick him out in a lineup!
To everything there is a season- and with spring comes all the yard work. And it's especially bad since I wasn't here all winter to work on it. I love the spring blossoms and the promises of renewed growth. Our family has grown and been renewed this past year with the changes and promises we receive through the Lord. Although the pruning has been difficult to bear.
Ian and Aidan are playing ball again. Ian's team is very good this year. I made it to a game last night after leaving Liam with my mom. People want to see the little miracle in our family but we still keep him isolated due to the cold and flu season. I do look forward to getting out with him!
Rylie got a camera yesterday so I will be posting her artwork shortly!

03 April 2008

April 3, 2008

WHOA! We got Liam's hospital bill today. We knew he was a million dollar baby- the nurses told us the bed alone was 1,000 dollars a day but it is another thing to see the bill. For JUST his hospitalization (not included surgeries and specialists called in etc...) it came to $545,461.50!

UPDATE- Yes we have insurance- but that doesn't help some people. Families of preemies can get kicked out of their insurance because they meet the lifetime cap!

02 April 2008

April 2, 2008

He's grown some, yea? The bouncy seat doesn't overwhlem the photo like it used to with him in it! Liam's eye exam is next week on the 8th. I am anxious to know how his eyes are developing. He doesn't seem to "see" us or track anything yet. So we are in prayer over his eye development still. Liam is supposed to have an MRI done this month but we were told he may not be able to because of the titanium clip on his duct. We are still waiting to hear back about that. I wake up every 3 hours to feed him at night. He still doesn't get very hungry but he is still pretty little. He gets the bottle at most all of his feedings so he can get the extra calories.
We got the paperwork filled out this week to get Liam into the county system for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We won't have any idea for some time what he would need but it gets him started at least. We thank the Lord daily that Liam is here and home!