27 September 2007

Sept. 27, 2007


Well I definitely didn't expect that to be the news today! I had an ultrasound and the technician said that they were clearly both boys! LOL We have the pictures to prove it!

I had assumed they were girls or at least one was a girl. It might be because I really wanted another girl after losing Kyle Ann but it was absolutely a shock to hear her say that they are both boys! I would have never thought it! Ian was VERY excited and Aidan was bummed. Rylie didn't care either way. Baby A and Baby B are measuriing right where they should be for my due date and they are both in their own sacs with their own placentas so that is great news. It makes me less high risk than I already am. They are most likely fraternal because they are each in one "horn" of my bicornuate uterus. Baby B was "sitting" on Baby A.

Ya know whats funny? Shawn and I had already picked out two girls names.... we have NOTHING for a boy let alone two! AND- I have no boys items at all- NOTHING! We are starting all over again from scratch!

25 September 2007

Sept. 25, 2007

Yea! I am 15 weeks today! ;-) I'm very excited about that. I have felt the little ones moving every now and then. I am DYING to see them though! I haven't had an "official" appnt with the Dr. since I was 10 weeks so I am very excited to go to my appnt on Thurs. I am having an ultrasound first thing in the morning. I use a doppler to find thier heartbeats here at home but sometimes the stupid thing doesn't find them.... Then I panic and I have to bring myself back into focus. God has blessed me with these little ones and He is sufficient. It's just soooo hard after having our stillbirth this year. I had a picture to load of me so you can see how big I am already but the card got corrupted so I will have to get another one.....

We are headed to the beach today. It is a gorgeous fall day with the temp in the upper 80's which means the water is still in the 80's. The trees are starting to change color slowly and the nights have turned off crisp. It's so great to homeschool!

15 September 2007

Sept. 15, 2007

I had my first appnt w/the perinatologist yesterday. I will not be delivering these twins at the local hospital. I'm gonna hafta drive 40 miles (1 hour) to the hospital in Greenville. They have a NICU there and there is no perinatologist here in New Bern... sigh... I guess I will be monitored so closely that this will all work out.

She did say that my uterus is already to my belly button- which is funny cuz I am only 13 weeks! I was also told that since my uterus is a bicornuate one that I am at even a higher risk for preterm labor and exceesive bleeding. It's hard to imagine that since I have gone 40 weeks and above for all three of my kiddoes and no problems. I pray everyday that I get to 35 weeks safely.... That seems so far away right now.....

Does anyone need a house? We have one for sale if your interested......

11 September 2007

Sept. 11, 2007

How many people can name where they were and what they were doing on this day 6 years ago? I had a 1 1/2 month old Aidan when Shawn called me from work and said to turn on the TV. I was in shock. We must never forget that there are people out in our world and in our own country who want to kill us for their religious beliefs....

I bought a book this week about expecting twins. WOW- I know theres a difference in carrying a singleton than twins but I didn't realize how much different it is. I am supposed to eat 3,400 calories a day! I should gain 24 pounds by the time I am twenty weeks. I should take calcium, magnesium and vitamin E supplements along with my regular multi vitamin and I should be resting two hours every afternoon right now. I am still feeling pretty good. I did get exhausted yesterday tho. I was worn out by the time we finished dinner. My belly will now be gestationally 6-8 weeks larger than a singleton is which means I am now the size of a 19-21 weeker....

I sent Rylie and Ian to bed last nite at 9 but I heard them up and talking still at 10:30. I didn't bother to go upstairs and tell them to shush. I thought it was cute that they were getting along so well and were just hanging out together. Sometimes they can be the best of friends.

06 September 2007

Sept.6, 2007

Yea!- I am officially in my 2nd trimester. It brings a huge relief to me as the miscarriage rate goes down tremendously. Of course- I am not a big fan of statistics but it is still a relief to be through the first 12 weeks. I got to hear the babies heartbeats yesterday and that was another big relief and I have gained another two pounds. I've gained 4 pounds so far. I am supposed to gain 1 1/2 pounds per week from now on out!! I am already hunting furniture as I want to get ready for them early since I won't feel like doing much in my last trimester.

As for school this week- it's been going good. The scheduling things out is working great and we are getting done what we need to do. My biggest pet peeve tho is when the kids don't listen the first time I say something. That drives me nuts!! I hate repeating myself 5 times. Once or twice is ok... but to continue to ignore me whether on purpose or not... drives me up the wall. Rylie had to tell me to calm down today. LOL It was a sobering reminder of my failure as a human being and a mom. At that moment I saw in myself what the kids see- a freaked out mom. Nothing else I can say. I definitely need the Lord to grant me a wee bit more patience. After all- how many times does He tell me something and I don't listen?

03 September 2007

Sept. 3, 2007

Our first day back at "school"! We covered math, history, astronomy, reading and writing. Yeehaw!! And- I even got the meals planned out for the next week AND had time to make it to Walmart to get all of my groceries! All in all it was a good day! A few rolling of the eyes from Ian (but I fixed that, I think) and I would write today off as successful. We are backtracking in our History because we didn't get last years study completely done. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the kids remembered a lot about the topic- which was Nero!

Rylie's birthday was more fun than I expected. The girls had a great time trying to figure out the murderer. Sydney was voted the best actress which was no surprise because she was the murderer and no one guessed her the first time around!

01 September 2007

Rylie's Birthday

What a lovely day. The sky is overcast and the weather has turned off cooler recently. I can feel fall is right around the corner! Rylie's birthday brings to a close the summer for us. It starts off our school year and closes out the summer with a bang. Today is her 12th birthday. To celebrate, her friends are coming over at 4 for a murder mystery party. It's based on High School Musical. The girls are excited and it should be a lot of fun and I hope it is cuz who wants a cheesey birthday at 12?? I just hope I am feeling up to getting everything done today. I had a huge wave of nausea yesterday. It had me out for a while. I'm thankful to be sick cuz it means my body is doing what its supposed to do. I actually panicked the other day when I didn't get nauseated. Sometimes I am a mental wreck.