18 February 2015

Not that you do.

Just in case any one erred in judgment and thought we have it all together, I would like to take a moment and say that pretty IG photos and FB posts do not a clear picture make.

While yes, my life could be worse (you can say that to anyone - of course life can always get worse), we are absolutely and always grateful for what we live each day, but sometimes days with a multiply challenged child are tough and reality bites hard.

Cue the vomit.

And Liam's new horrible habit of locking his jaw and closing his airway. Gagging. Gasping for breath. Then doing it again 597 times before the day is done.

Now picture him doing that in the middle of the night.

Cue the picture of the sweet little family all with children your own kids ages...if they had lived. Cue the happy-go-lucky faces of said children who can pose and smile on cue, reminding you that your kid can't.

Some days, life is asking you to take a punch in the gut - again. That doesn't mean I hate it. On the contrary, I love my life and the priviledge it is to be the mom. But the daily grind of a challenged kiddo can be taxing and on those days I think I am grateful for the moments where I look like I have it all together. ;) I can pretend, right?

07 February 2015

Best $35 ever.

I happened across this really cool head rest while on facebook recently. It's original intent was for keeping kids from collapsing into a ball while sleeping in their car seat. But the momma who designed these has had special needs parents, like me, asking her to make one for them due to their little ones lack of head control.

While the headrest isn't perfect, because nothing involving Liam ever is, it has been a huge help keeping Liam positioned in his car seat. I'm usually having to reach back while I'm driving to help reposition him but when he has this support on he sits pretty well and I can focus on driving!😨

He didn't like it at first because we all know Liam doesn't like changes. And to him this was a big one. It took him a few days to get used to it.

Sherri is the momma who started making the Sleepy Time Headrest and she personally called me to talk to me about making one for Liam. She was more worried about making sure it worked for us than she was about selling her product. 

You can check them out on facebook or visit Sleepy Time Headrest to learn more. It velcros closed under the chin and with Liam being such an avid thruster,  I was concerned it wouldn't hold but it's done a great job and hasn't broken loose once. It's even been crash tested!

It's not usual to find a product for special needs kids that is this affordable!

Traveling with Liam is hard and until we can get a handicapped van, I'm thrilled to have something to keep us going with the vehicle we have. ❤