16 May 2017


I imagine we are all opinionated. Liam's no different. He isn't able to freely verbalize his strong opinions as we are wont to do, nor can he tell us he disagrees with our leanings. But give him the chance to express his feelings on a school subject and he can tell you he doesn't want to participate.

R: Liam it's time to write your sentences. Do you want to write about flowers?
Liam: No
R: Do you want to write about birds?
Liam: No
R; Do you want to write about bees?
Liam: No

The teacher hears this exchange and says, "Do not give him a choice on writing his sentences! He's a boy, of course he isn't going to want to do it. You have to make him do them."

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R is always the sweet softie. "OK Liam. You have to do all the sentences."

R: Flowers _________?
 Liam: Grow

R: Birds___________?
 Liam: Fly

R: Bees ___________?
 Liam: Buzz

Show off.