Liam started to receive early intervention services before he was 6 months old which provided in home physical therapy and occupational therapy 2-4 times a month at the time. Since Liam was having significant difficulties that regular therapies didn't seem to be able to help alleviate we then sought out treatments that are considered 'off label' by insurance and medical doctors. That means that insurance doesn't have to cover any of it and doctors won't recommend it because studies haven't proved the efficacy of them in children with the conditions that Liam presents.

These treatments, while off label, do have some studies backing them. But most importantly they have parents backing them. Parents have taken their children to receive these treatments and therapies and have seen results. Enough results that they go back for more. While every child is different and that has to be taken into account, ANY type of improvement in a static injury like cerebral palsy is worth every penny. Because of that, the hope of improvement in Liam's issues, we felt it worth the time and money to seek these treatments out for a better life for him.

Liam gets vision therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy provided by his school on a weekly or biweekly basis. He also receives speech therapy and physical therapy from private therapists each week.

October 2014- 2nd Stem Cell Therapy Treatment
      We took Liam for another round of stem cell therapy at the same facility in the Dominican Republic. Now doing treatments for several diseases from patients all over the world. Their process & facility had been upgraded a lot since our previous trip. While I can't comment officially on what improvements we have seen from Liam's infusion, we have definitely seen progress over the years that have been exciting. I've always said if we never did as much as we could when he was little I would regret it. And I will never regret the opportunities we were given to take Liam for treatment.

March 2013- 25 rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
      follow up for the stem cell therapy in a single place hard chamber in Charlotte, NC at an ATA of 2.3

February 2013-  Stem Cell Therapy
     We took Liam for stem cell therapy in the Dominican Republic under the advise of Dr. Anthony. They extracted Liam's own stem cells from his left hip bone. They separated them, activated them, and then reinfused them into Liam's neck through his carotid artery. They released cells on both the left and right side of his neck at the base of his brain and infused the remaining stem cells in an IV in his left arm. We went back to the hotel that night and left the day after.
     We have seen some really nice improvements in Liam since the stem cell procedure but not exactly the ones we were hoping for. We hope to take Liam for one more round next year because we were told a base round would help start healing in his injuries and another round would boost the potential.

February 2012- 40 rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments
     in a single hard chamber in Charlotte, NC at an ATA of 2.0 at Charlotte MetroHyperbarics

May 2010- 40 rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
     in a multi-place hard chamber at Miracle Mountain in Creston, NC

November 2009- 40 rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
     in a multi-placed chamber at Miracle Mountain in Creston, NC

November 2009-Auditory Integration Therapy

May 2009- ABM Therapy 8 sessions

April 2009- ABM Therapy 8 sessions

February 2009- ABM Therapy 9 sessions

December 2008 ABM Therapy 8 sessions

November 2008- ABM Therapy in Stirling, VA 6 sessions