28 August 2007

Twice as much fun-

Here they are! Baby A and Baby B. I can't wait to find out the sex. Ian is hoping for identical twin boys- Rylie and Aidan would like at least one to be a girl. And me too. Altho as any mom will say- you just want to have healthy babies and a healthy pregnancy. And thats true!
I am excited about school this year. As the kids have gotten older I have decided it has become necessary to schedule out the things I want to get done. I am not a schedule kind of person either. But, I have come to the realization that if I want to make sure something gets done I need to write it down in order to check it off. It also keeps the complaints down from the kidlets as they know what I expect in advance! I am certainly hoping to get great things done this semester as next semester for me will most likely be shot. Being due in March means I am going to be huge by Christmas and will be too busy with babies to get into "school" mode once they arrive. But thats ok. What a better learning experience than being able to be at home with your family and experience the miracles and joys that arrive in those tiny little packages! I am 11 weeks today!

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