31 August 2007

Fri. August 30, 2007

Well, I didn't have a great day yesterday. I felt assaulted by bad thoughts and feelings. I started thinking negatively and boy, can that bring you down quick. Having the stillbirth as my most recent result of a pregnancy can lead me down paths I don't want to tread. I really don't. I feel better this morning though and I am praying for continued strength and healing for my heart and mind. I honestly just want to enjoy the gift of being pregnant and and take each day as a new blessing. It also helps that I have friends and family praying for me!

On another note- Rylie, Aidan and I started up our Gaelic lessons yesterday. Aidan is like a sponge. She absorbs a foreign language so easily! Because of my Irish ancestry (my Dad is half Irish half German) Rylie has always loved Irish history, language and lore. We will be traveling to Ireland in 2012 (I know it's a long way off!) and it will be delightful to be able to speak Irish. So when you see weird words here, it's just me practicing my Irish. Slán leat(slawn lath)! Goodbye!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Jennifer! Its addie.. look at my blog! i am puting more pics soon!

Jennifer said...

I saw it queenmarieaddie- it looks great sweetie!