29 August 2007

A Million Pieces

Have you ever awoken to your mind singing over and over a song that you haven't heard in a while? I do that on occasion and this mornings song seemed rather special. I awoke singing the Newsboys song "Million Pieces". It was a comfort to me- as if God had put that song in my mind for me today as a reminder of casting my cares to him. Even the big things become small and insignificant when I let them fall into the Lords hands. My belly on the other hand is not small these days. Here I am at 11 weeks and looking like I'm at least 4 months. Only 29 weeks to go!


Anonymous said...

This blog thing is pretty cool! I will save it to my favotrites and check it out often. =o) I have a friend here that had twins nad they are 6 months old. She has big helpers. I think it will be easier than having two all by them selves. I am sure all your kids will be big helpers. Have a great day!
I like the sentence in the Steven Curtis Chapman song that says "God is God and I am not" Sounds so simple but working it out in real life is not always as easy. =o)

April said...

This is actually Addie but she (Ape) said Hi... =)