01 September 2007

Rylie's Birthday

What a lovely day. The sky is overcast and the weather has turned off cooler recently. I can feel fall is right around the corner! Rylie's birthday brings to a close the summer for us. It starts off our school year and closes out the summer with a bang. Today is her 12th birthday. To celebrate, her friends are coming over at 4 for a murder mystery party. It's based on High School Musical. The girls are excited and it should be a lot of fun and I hope it is cuz who wants a cheesey birthday at 12?? I just hope I am feeling up to getting everything done today. I had a huge wave of nausea yesterday. It had me out for a while. I'm thankful to be sick cuz it means my body is doing what its supposed to do. I actually panicked the other day when I didn't get nauseated. Sometimes I am a mental wreck.


Jennifer said...

I bet..... :D love u

Anonymous said...

Ughh, that was me rylie sry..

Anonymous said...

AWWW I put like 5 things for Ryry's b-day... YEAH RYLIE! =)