01 May 2008

May 1, 2008

Busy week- where do I start? With the great news from the specialist at Duke! She said the Dr who did Liams eyes did a great job. Liam is currently not nearsighted. His optic nerves were nice and pink and his retinas looked good. So why doesn't he see us yet? She said she wasn't worried. Liam needs another two months of time to get to that point and if he still wasn't by then, then we should come back. Otherwise we don't need to see her until 6 months from now! So we are praying for continued healing and growth for Liams eyes... I can't wait until he can see me.

Liam had his MRI on Mon and he was a champ thru it all. I don't have the results yet but will post when I do... Liams Dr called this week to check on him and she again reminded me that the MRi doesn't mean too much cuz we don't know how Liam will do.

We captured a mole this week. The little guy was out in the day scavenging on the surface of the ground. Aidan wanted to keep it! We let him go near the back of our property. And yesterday our dogs found a baby Eastern Cottonttail and thought he would be fun to play with. We'd never heard a rabbit scream. It is ear peircing! Aidan wanted to keep him too.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like Aidan..what a trip! love you guys!