23 May 2008

May 23, 2008 updated

Liam is about 9 lbs now! yea! We took him in to get circumcised this past week but he had a nasty cough so his ped decided not to do it. And since he has preemie lungs she wanted to preempt anything so she put him on antibiotics right away. Luckily it didn't develop into anything else and Liam is fine now. I need to reschedule his circ. tho... I did find out that Liams cerebellum hasn't changed since his previous ultrasound in March. So- I don't know for sure what to say about it. We have to go see a neurologist now tho. We don't get in until July. From preliminary research I have read- the atrophy of the cerebellum can prevent Liam from seeing, talking and/or walking.... We are all praying that Liam will surpass any problems that might occur and pray that we would all stay positive. Liam is a miracle in every way and with that knowledge we know God is able. If you still think of us in your prayers we would appreciate prayer for Liam to progress wonderfully and miraculously through the milestones he should make as a baby. And again- if anyone is still reading our blog.. lol... and I didn't get you a thank you note it isn't because I have forgotten your kindness. I don't know who all pitched in while Liam was in the hospital and I may have inadvertently left out people who I did know pitched in. But I think of all of the kindness shown us often and marvel at the wonderful people God has placed in our lives.


Anonymous said...

oh, my! He's getting so big.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer.
It's so good to see Liam growing and getting stronger. Sorry we have not been in touch, but we are continuing to hold your little guy up in our prayers every day. Sandy especially never forgets to ask how he's doing and always wants to see his blog. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above more than we could ask or think -- we'll keep asking with you for all Liam needs.
God bless you all.

nena conner said...

the pictures are so cute!!!
We think of you very often and hope to be able to see Liam sometime too:)We are going to be out of town next Sunday for the baby shower, but I hope to give Rylie a present tomorrow for Liam.
Thanks for updating and letting us know the latest!
We will be praying!

April Heuer said...

I still read your blog and still pray for your family. Plus I have to admit I love to look at the pictures of him-he is so cute! I hope and pray all continues to go well and your family is blessed with many more miracles.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liam is a cutie pie! What is his corrected age now? Try not to worry about the MRI results. These little guys often surprise us in the most wonderful ways. Has Liam had a developmental evaluation (early intervention or a NCCU followup) for his corrected age?