10 December 2010


While it has been encouraging to see the new therapists come in and work with Liam, it is always a painful thing for me. I love having someone else around to work with Liam but I also dislike needing all the help. You would think things get easier but they don't. For me, it is always a daily giving of my heart over to God because sometimes things just suck. We have to adjust to new people, new attitudes, new ideas, and new methods. Things that I don't always enjoy doing.

And Liam's had to adjust too.

He has a new physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech teacher and an itinerant preschool teacher. When Liam turned 3 on November 27th, he qualified to receive services from the school district.

This has been our second week of 'getting to know you' sessions. Last week Liam did not appreciate his new PT getting her hands all over him and working with him. He whined the entire session. Once I told the PT that Liam doesn't ever act that way, it helped her realize that Liam was stating his opinion as loudly as he could: Who are you and what do you think you are doing with me?!?

The second session went a bit better; he fell asleep while they read him a story.

And yesterday was his third session of PT combined with OT and he was doing much better with them.

They now have a good idea of what Liam likes and wants and yesterday they played with him, read The Gingerbread Man story and then had him make his own ornament.

The new therapists are all very excited to work with Liam. They are really good with him. And their enthusiasm is exciting. Even if I have to change my perspective and adjust.