15 September 2011

Moving on

After two years of aids/CNA's, we just lost number 6. Not that I am sad to see her go. She was a 'nice' woman but she wasn't a good fit for Liam.

We started with R back in May. She had a small fear of dogs and even though we have three, she never let it bother her. One day we put Bandit, our largest at 50 lbs and loudest barker, in our laundry room because she was still fairly new and he would bark at her pretty loudly for the first few minutes of her arrival. She went to the door to the laundry room and taunted him through the glass. She made faces, would pretend to open the door, and all the while he was cornered in the room barking and growling for fear of his life. What do you think that did to our already skittish dog? He never grew fond of her after that.

R never really talked to Liam either. I knew she was quiet and would encourage her to talk to Liam about what he was watching or engage him in any type of communication. She just never did. I always felt bad for Liam, like he was alone in the room even though there was a body there.

This week, when R got here she said she needed to talk to me about Bandit. Apparently the day before when I had left before she did, Ian helped her finish up with Liam in his stander and Bandit barked at her. She accused Ian of not shutting him up until she was out the door. She said her nerves were shot and we needed to do something about him.

I understand her fear of the dog. But she has been working for us for 5 months and has never said a word. I reminded her that Bandit has never forgotten being cornered and taunted by her that day and that he doesn't bite. He just barks his discontent with her presence in his home. =)

That day she left Liam lying on my living room floor and walked out the door with out telling me she was going.

Ian happened to be walking through the house and saw her as she was going out the door.

The next day the manager called and said she quit. She said she just couldn't handle the dog, after 5 months working here and not one word until this week about it.

But, I'm not sad. It's a good thing. She wasn't a good fit but we stuck with her because we have an aid for such a small amount of time in the week. It wasn't the right person but I just dealt with it.

Please say a prayer that we get someone good in here for Liam. I see so many great people who interact so well with him but it seems like all we ever get is duds for in the home.

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