18 July 2012

Glimpse of the past

I ran across this book today while sorting out my book shelf. Every single line in it is filled. Filled with numbers and times.

It's a journal recording every cc of milk Liam took in in his early days. Not every ounce. But every cc*.  

I would write down every drop he took, keeping track of the calories and the volume.

We originally started out with 300 cc's a day. Sometimes not even that. That would be just a measly 10 ounces of food he was getting on those 'good' days. That was it.

As I flip through the book we gradually get higher. On a good day we could get 500 cc's in (not counting how much came out with all of the vomiting he used to do back then). But for the most part Liam hovered around 350 and 400 cc's.

Looking back on this book I'm reminded of how far we've come.

I was so against the g-tube for so long. And we all did a great job preventing Liam from getting it at a very young age. We delayed the inevitable for as long as we thought we could. But we felt like we were giving up when we finally did break down and get it. We felt like we were failing Liam by giving in.

Seeing this book today reminds me of how hard it was, for all of us, in the beginning.

And it reminds me to be thankful that that chapter is done and gone.

     *There are 30 cc's to an ounce.

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