28 September 2012

Hebrews 11:1

When you think about the human body, it is in the worst state ever as a collective than in all of time before. When God created us it was 'very good'. And then we screwed it all up cuz we humans are just so darn good at messing up. Disease, disorders, death. They all play a crucial role in our lives today and our DNA is so messed up this many years out from the fall that you can see the second law of thermodynamics in action. Order to disorder.

I am thrilled to see so much work being done on adult stem cells. Our fractured, finite bodies can't live like they used to, like they were originally meant to. Adult stem cells are turning the tide on how diseases and disorders are being treated and giving people and families hope.

My daughters unedited photo from the top of a mountain.

It is never too late to hope. And I will continue to hope for Liam that there will be healing for him through using his own stem cells.

This article in medical news today shows that a new procedure is available. It shows success in getting stem cells to the injuries in the brain with out direct injection into the brain (think of the Xcell Center in Germany who had a patient die this way then subsequently got shut down).

The place we want to go to in the Dominican Republic is doing this for select patients already. I don't know that Liam will qualify for it right now, but it gives me hope for Liam and kids like him; someday children will not have to suffer so tragically from the effects of TBI and CP.

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