24 March 2014

Didn't see that coming.

Holy diagnosis, Batman!  I got an email to log into our Blue Cross Blue Shield account because new information had been added for Liam. I've never gotten a notice like that so I logged in to check it out. I found a page that I didn't even know existed. It's a list of everything that Liam has ever been diagnosed with. It's creepy scary. 

A personal health record, with line after line of issues.  Some of them aren't even true and when I click on them I am able to say he either no longer has the issue or delete it entirely. Like 'cerebral brain deterioration'. What the... I don't even know how that's there. His brain isn't deteriorating, nor has it since the day we brought him home. That's NEVER been a diagnosis that I was aware of.


Tooth loss? He's not even lost his first tooth yet.


TB-related miliary fever?  Nope.


Complication of medical care?

How is that a diagnosis??


 It's also interesting to look at who listed each diagnosis in his chart. Some are the medical supply company, the medical equipment company, some the therapists, some his doctors, and some are even from the pharmacy.  The pharmacy? I don't even know how they can list a diagnosis.

What's funny is that years ago, if I would have seen this list, I would have freaked out. I would have been sad, looking at a bunch of terms that the world has to use to define my son. It's a lot of medical terminology and scary sounding words (muscle wasting, anyone?). But I look at this list now and I don't see each individual diagnosis. I see an amalgam of terms that can't even begin to remotely describe my boy. He is not defined by his diagnosis, we certainly don't define him that way. He is unique, wonderfully created, and so much more than a sheet of terms could ever describe.

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