28 April 2014

Never say never

It's become time to let you all know the news!  The blessings from the Lord have not ceased since we went last year and we are close to being able to take Liam for another stem cell treatment in the Dominican Republic!

It is just over one year from when we went before and I never thought we'd go again. It is sooo expensive. Like, we could adopt a child, expensive. I figured it was a one time shot and that would be that. But as I've seen time and time again, God lays a foundation in my life that he builds on and I stand in awe as his power is made gorgeous in my weakness.

After coming home last year Shawn and I received a very large donation for our stem cell trip. When we contacted the family that gave it to us and told them we had already gone on the stem cell trip, they told us to keep it and use it for Liam for his future. So that's what we did. The money was put into Liam's savings and it has sat there all this time. We then got several more random donations this past year and have watched Liam's account blossom into what looked like another payment on a stem cell procedure. Out of the total cost needed, we are almost 75% of the way there!! It's crazy to be so close when we haven't had to try!

I was thinking about how close we are and the timeline of when we'd like to take Liam again. If it all worked out it would be great to be able to go at the beginning of the school year when therapies start anew and the school year is beginning so we could see how his progress goes within that timeline. With that thought in mind I was wondering how to get to our goal before then. How can we get the rest of the money before the end of September?

We have done some fundraising in the past and the last time we went for stem cells I bought 50 tees with 
the new blue color but the same Limitless design as when we did for our HBOT treatments years ago. Because the money literally just flowed in last year, we didn't have to try to sell the tees. We were blessed beyond measure with exactly what we needed and so the box of tees has been sitting in my garage ever since I got them.

What to do with them? Maybe this time, with the end so near, we can try to sell them. If we sold all of them at $20 each we would be 80% of the way there! :) And that is so very close to the final goal needed!

 So, as a special needs mom and an advocate for a little man with no voice, I am once again, swallowing all pride, stepping out of my comfort zone, and sincerely, humbly asking you if you'd like to help out our sweet boy and get him stem cell treatment one more time. Friends, family of friends, friends of friends, strangers, and everyone in between, we'd be so grateful if you'd like to pitch in. It's no lie when we say every little bit helps.

Liam has his own paypal account where you can donate. The monies put there go directly to him. We have tees in small, medium, and large. The smalls usually go quickest. Aidan and Ian are wearing mediums in the photo above.



Thanks for following with us and watching how God continues to work in the life of our little boy.

Our hope is in the Lord where we can soar on wings of eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.
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