20 August 2015

Summer is over

Has it been so many months since I've updated here? We have gotten into a lull, somewhat of a good, regular routine with Liam's needs this past year and I never seemed to have the energy to put into a post to update on life.

Summer is the hardest for me now. I love having wee man home but day after day can get boring  having no where to go and nothing to do. It is too hot here in the summer months to take Liam out anywhere. He can not stand heat and will cry within minutes of being out there. With little to do indoors around here and no handicapped van, getting him in and out of our truck to go shopping is a nightmare. So, we stay home and hibernate binge watching X Files on Netflix for most of the summer. I have the big kids watch him when I need to run necessary errands.

We had a lot of homework to get to over the summer and to be honest, I failed. Summer is hard. And Liam has some really bad traits/habits that are obnoxious and time consuming. Right now I just feel burned out on therapies. I feel like the first 3 years of Liam's life I spent being all of his therapists all the time and then the next 3 were spent trying to reduce my expectations and just be his mom. Really, it took me three years to get there. Letting go was hard and I spent years driving Liam an hour away two times a week for speech, PT, and OT. It wasn't until Liam started school in Kindergarten that I started to let go of being his mini therapist and try to focus on being more of a mom. For the first time in 6 years, I felt like I could breath. Obviously therapy is something that takes place daily in one aspect or another, but I am no longer stressing over where Liam is and that is a big deal for me.

I am looking forward to his second grade year. His teacher is awesome, we have our one to one aid back again, and Liam will be trialing an eye gaze device for communication. We had his second appointment today to work with him on the device and he focused on all the farm animals today where last time he only got two of them. He was excited to be using it and seemed pretty proud of himself when he made the videos come on.

 He will be using the device at school as well and I know he is excited to get back there and honestly, I am looking forward to having him get back to routine. He learns best that way and he enjoys school so much that it makes it easy to get hand him back to the system for a while.

Rosie cheeks from a few minutes in the sun.
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