17 February 2016

Sleep study done

Liam had a sleep study recently that we are still awaiting results on. But you know your kiddo has a sleep problem when you get there for check in at 5:30 pm and he doesn't fall asleep until 4:30 am. 😳 I couldn't believe he lasted that long. He has never stayed awake that long before, 2:30 sure, but 4:30? I can't believe how well he can get by with so little sleep. I did feel very blessed in that with all those wires on his body and head, he was a happy guy the whole time. He didn't fuss one bit. And with everything he had on him I was surprised he did so well. We have to see his ENT in Chapel Hill next month to get the results, but I did walk away thinking that it was probably a good idea we went ahead with the study. Because they wired up everything, his chin and jaw were a part of the data and while we were there he did his weird jaw thing. So I am hoping that will be able to give the ENT some solid info on what he is doing so she can figure out how to help him with it. Now our next step is crossing off pulmonology.

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