25 September 2007

Sept. 25, 2007

Yea! I am 15 weeks today! ;-) I'm very excited about that. I have felt the little ones moving every now and then. I am DYING to see them though! I haven't had an "official" appnt with the Dr. since I was 10 weeks so I am very excited to go to my appnt on Thurs. I am having an ultrasound first thing in the morning. I use a doppler to find thier heartbeats here at home but sometimes the stupid thing doesn't find them.... Then I panic and I have to bring myself back into focus. God has blessed me with these little ones and He is sufficient. It's just soooo hard after having our stillbirth this year. I had a picture to load of me so you can see how big I am already but the card got corrupted so I will have to get another one.....

We are headed to the beach today. It is a gorgeous fall day with the temp in the upper 80's which means the water is still in the 80's. The trees are starting to change color slowly and the nights have turned off crisp. It's so great to homeschool!

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C said...

We're heading to the bowling alley right after lunch, where shoes and games are just fifty cents before 4:00 pm!

LOVE homeschooling!!!! ha!