03 June 2008

June 3, 2008

Liam fills up her lap now- not as little as he once was!

I can't wait until Liam is this size.

The lovely ladies.

Baby food tasting game- I no longer wonder at the amzing faces babies give when you feed them that stuff.

Firetrucks for my big man at his big party.

Liam and I had the baby shower Sunday. It was a lot of fun! It was good to be seen-I've been absent from the world since the day the boys were born. Thanks to everyone who was able to come! Liam slept pretty much through the whole thing. It was nice for people to finally get to meet him- and Liam made his first cooing sound! YEA! They also got to see what I face when it comes time to feedings and Liam doesn't care to eat. Thats why I don't head to church yet- I don't know if I could find a space to hole up and force him to eat. I can't imagine what someone would think if they saw me trying to force a bottle on a baby who clearly doesn't want it.

Liam got circumcised yesterday. It isn't like when Ian was done 10 years ago. They give a block to prevent pain. They kind of gauge how good the block is by when they put the clamp on "it" to hold it in place. Liam was fine- no fussing or nothing... but before she could finish she could tell the block wasn't good cuz he was feeling the pain. I gave him Tylenol through out the day to minimize his discomfort. He is feeling SO much better today. The swelling is down dramatically and it doesn't seem to bother him now.

Ok- Liam has this month to be able to "see" me. I need to be able to tell that when he glances my way that he is actually looking at me. He needs to focus on me. If he doesn't do it by the end of this month then we have to go back to Duke and have more tests. So- we are praying with out ceasing that today is the day. He is starting to cross his eyes some like babies do when they try to focus so I am hopeful that that is what is going on. Please pray with us that it happens soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. It took me a long time to find this site again. So glad Liam is home. Alyson prays for him every night during our family prayer time. She keeps asking me how he is so I finally found this so we could all be updated. We will continue to pray.