09 June 2008

June 9, 2008

What a joy it is to go to the Dr. and get good news. Rylie had her 2 year cardio check up today and after a thorough exam she was declared perfectly healthy! Everything looked great- So no more complaining that your heart hurts, Rylie... you are just out of shape! ;-)

Since Rylie's Dr. was in the town Liam was born in we took him to the hospital to visit his NICU nurses. It's hard to believe we've been gone 3 months and yet Liam has changed so much in that time. He was huge to them... It was good to be there and not be the patient! He was fussy tho- chock it up to hunger and attitude for having to sit in a car seat so long.

I'm so proud of him- Liam ate over 16 oz yesterday! I mean, really, thats very good! So now that I know he can do it I will expect that good of a performance from now on. Unfortunately we won't make that goal today though. Liam got a serious case of the hiccups after his last bottle and it made him throw it up. So much for perfection today...

Liam still doesn't see me! I don't want to go back to Duke. I don't want him to be blind. I'm yelling this to you in frustration.....


Anonymous said...

WOW a whole pound of food!! :) YAY for that big old Belly... Jennifer I am praying for god to do with what he has planned for liams eyes. I know its easy to stress over these things but when you are finished wrestling with god over the matter, the peace that comes from knowing he has got it planned and ready washes over like a feeling that you know could only be him. Liam is here! Lets continue to Celebrate that wonderful life that has already touched so many people. His eyes are something to hope get better, yes, but focus your energy on loving him and your family because that will get you further and make you feel better than to stress over something only god has control over. We love yah
aka Stacy :)

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please hear the cry of Jennifer. Please let little Liam be able to see. Please place your hands on his eyes so that they will be healed. You have done so much for him already, and we know you can do so much more. Please let Liam continue to be a miracle and defy what doctors think.