16 September 2008

Sept 16

So, I thought something about Liam was different. On Saturday, when I was doing PT stuff with Liam he just seemed different and I couldn't figure out what it was. And after doing therapy off and on throughout the day I realized what was different...He was lifting his head higher all by himself, he was lifting his head smoother and more controlled and he wasn't pushing against me when I would help him! That means he is improving and it's getting easier for him!

Liam is also starting to get to midline (center of his body) better and bring both his hands to his mouth.
I know for all the people who don't know anything about micropreemies this might not make sense so I will give a brief explanation- Some preemies can have quite a bit of trouble coordinating. What comes so naturally to a baby who spent all of it's proper time in the womb can be difficult for a micro who layed on a bed being poked and prodded instead of floating in a warm world. Micros have to breath and eat way before they are supposed to. They feel touch (mostly negative) when they shouldn't. Future development depends on a lot of factors such as bleeds in the brain, lungs, vision, hearing, etc. They can have sensory issues, feeding issues, muscle tone problems. etc. We are literally teaching Liam how to play, explore, and see. The brain has an amazing ability to adapt and to overcome. It can rewire itself and remap to allow deficits that have occured to be conquered. It can take time for some micros and no time at all for others. Every micro is unique and their journey can be full of trials and troubles that vary from minor to severe.

So- Liam getting to midline is good news. He is learning that he has hands, that they are for play and he is learning to use them. I vary his positions allowing him opportunities to get his hands to his face. On his back isn't good cuz his hands are too far away. So we try sidelying and tummy a lot. You all remember- babies naturally put everything in their mouths to explore it. Liam doesn't yet. He gets a bit nervous since he can't see it that well and he hasn't been coordinated enough to get things where they belong. But his skills are starting to emerge! He's getting better, he's improving and that means things are going in the right direction. He's doing it!

I tell ya- I knew something was different on Saturday!


Kellars Mommy said...

Great job!!! Kellar is still uncoordinated w/things like clapping, he has always been able to bring his hands to midline though it was never his favorite thing to do. Great explanation of what all micro's go through and have to learn!

Valeria said...

Good!!!! Great news!!! I'm happy read about Liam good news!!!!

Unknown said...

YEA Liam!!! That is awesome news, yes we are still in the hospital hopefully tomorrow we get to go home! Our doc was very reluctant to give us a script for the helmet but he did I just hope he can start eating then we can wear the helmet again because with just the 2 days he did wear it I seen an improvement. My email is vollbach@yahoo.com hope you all have a great day!

Allison said...

That is wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

i got excited when conner got to midline too...and noone else really understood. great job!