16 December 2008


It's been a while since I have updated. I kind of needed to collect my thoughts regarding my last therapy session in VA. It went ok. Nothing new or exciting for Liam in his development, I don't think. But talking with Carla had me a bit confused about Liams form/s of CP. And due to that I was having a hard time recognizing what she was saying to me. And after talking with my therapists here, who know Liam extensively, I have been renewed in my thoughts. So- now I have two therapists (more than that really) who are on a little bit different paths and ideas and thoughts about what LIam is doing in his movements. But- either way, it doesn't change what we will continue to do with him in his therapy. There are going to be some differences that I can not reconcile and so we will deal with them as best we can. If Liam benefits, that is all that matters. I did decide that one of the things Carla didn't want me doing with Liam wasn't what he needed. When I quit doing it, he quit doing it, and he spent a month not even trying. Now that I went back to it he is practicing it again.

On to good news- Liam didn't gain any weight this last month and the good news is that he didn't lose (see, there is always a bright side!). Because Liam isn't wanting his bottle very much and becauae I am losing my sanity on some days, we decided to go ahead and get him eating more solids. The concern has always been to go slow so Liam wouldn't become orally defensive and shut down or that he wasn't physically ready because he didn't have head control and wouldn't be able to move his tongue properly (he has a horrible latch on the bottle and it's very weak). But out little man has proven that he is ready and willing. He is now eating three jars of food a day and with that has upped his calories by 100-150 per day. So, as long as he continues to do so good, we should see a lovely weight gain this next month.

Liam got sick again with a cold in VA and he is still trying to get over it. I don't know if it's the stale hotel air or what but we are now two for two on him getting sick in VA. We aren't scheduled to go back until the end of January.

Rebecca-It was great to visit with you and thanks for the lunch. I had such a great time!

Tracie- Thank you for your generosity-we have been greatly blessed by your gift!

I will post a few new pictures soon-

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