31 December 2008

Sorry for the delay!

We are all well. Christmas was wonderful spending it at home. The kids kept saying over and over again how last year sucked. I feel so bad for what they have been through and the feelings they have had to experience through all of this. They are so resilient yet I am sorry they have had to feel such pain so young. I wonder if we will ever again experience a Christmas that we don't sit and think of the Christmas of 2007. Time will surely dull our feelings but will never take away the ache. It will be nice to not ever again say, "Remember this time last year..."

Liam is doing FABULOUS on his solids. He is eating 3 jars a day and he loves that I don't have to shove the bottle in his mouth so often. He gets a lot more calories now than before but less of the formula due to the solids taking up his tummy space. He just can't handle a lot of food. It is what it is for him and we will have to make do. I will be excited to see his weight at this months check up. Liam is also finally up to 3 ounce bottles again! WOW! That has not happened since before he got constipated 3 months ago.

As Liam gets older we can really see where not having much of a cerebellum is coming into play. He doesn't coordinate well at all with his arms. He reaches for toys but flails his arms when he tries. When he is on his back he is very uncoordinated. He tries to move but he just isn't getting how to do it yet. But he LOVES his belly which is such a blessing because I hear most CP kids don't like tummy time. He is still doing well trying to lift his head and is slowly getting there. I have faith. I have too. He's has my heart and soul wrapped up in his smile.

Liam loves his songs. He knows all of them and anticipates the moves. He still doesn't babble or coo but he does experiment with his voice once in a while. I'm working hard on getting him to say mama. He just thinks it's funny and grins really big when I say it. He is also enjoying playing peek-a-boo with me. I hide my face and he smiles when I return.

I have a funny story- I always see those stupid Bumbo seats in Target and get so irritated that my little guy can't use them like the rest of the normal babies. It's silly really, but it drives me nuts to see that silly happy kid on the box... Anyway, I decided that I was going to buy one anyway. I took it home and put Liam in it and he tried sooooo hard to sit up in it. He really wanted to do it. I showed Cathy and she was impressed that he tried so hard. I'm praying everyday that he will get the strength and coordination.

Rylie loved getting an Ipod for Christmas. She was shocked. She still is. Ian got the cool gifts he wanted and Aidan finally got her Julie American Girl doll. She has wanted one forever and she just wasn't ready for a $120 doll. I still don't think she is but I can't hold out on her forever. The box does say ages 7 and up...

I'm spending New Year's with Limmy while the rest of my family is in SC. It's been quite fun to have the house and be able to read in the evenings.

I started a simple, new medication to combat my adult acne (birth control pills) and three days into it I developed terrible itching, swelling, redness and bumps. I couldn't figure out for a while what it was and then it hit me. I have used BCP before (decades ago) and never had a problem so I didn't automatically associate it but it was the only thing I could think of. When I checked with the pharmacist she said I was allergic to something in it and discontinue. The next day I felt tremendously better! I was still itchy but it was much less in intensity. I am now about 4 days out from the pills and altho I still have sores and irritation I am feeling so much better.

This area of my neck is what my entire spinal column looked like.

This is my leg. The sores were so swollen on my scalp that I couldn't tilt my head backward.

I have a couple of posts I have been debating on writing that I hope to get to soon. My blog was originally for me and my journaling purposes only and I had no idea that it would ever be read by people all over the world. Although the blog is still for me it is now not only for me. As I share my thoughts and feelings with you, I pray there will be no passing of judgement, jumping to conclusions or disrespect shown. These are, after all, my words, my thoughts, and my life. It is what it is. I am God's child and I am still growing.

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Allison said...

Listen up! Your feelings are YOURS and YOURS ALONE. NO ONE can judge you but our great Lord! As someone who isn't in the same situation as you, I have no room to say you should or shouldn't feel a certain way.

I enjoy reading your blogs to hear of progress in Liam's recovery and the set backs that you guys are having so that I can pray for them. While many and most of your blogs are positive, I am sure there are days where you don't feel so positive. I pray for you that those days are few and that the Lord will give you peace and strength to get to the next day.

If you choose to share with us some of the not so sunshine parts of this journey that you are on, in any area of your life, you have my support.