09 December 2009


Liam is doing very well. He has made some wonderful changes since doing HBOT. As one always wonders, was it the HBOT or would he have done these changes anyway? And I can say that I don't think Liam would have made these changes so quickly without the oxygen. Things for Liam normally progress at a snails pace. But look what all he's done just the last few weeks:

  • He is consistently picking up his head and holding it up while I carry him on my hip. And when I say consistently, I mean he keeps it up all the time now. He used to cuddle in on my neck because he didn't have the strength (or desire?) to pick it up. But now he wants it up and although he is still not a pro at it, he is doing it! Did I mention he does it consistently? He doesn't hold his head down anymore when I carry him. I love it!
  • Liam rolled from back to belly all by himself on a hard floor. And dang it all if I didn't even see it! That's how he prefers things I suppose. I didn't see him roll from back to belly on my bed either. I came back into the room to find him on his belly! This time, he was on a rug on a hard wood floor and I left him under the watchful eyes of my father-in-law and brother-in-law and they casually mentioned it to me later on after it had happened. They didn't think any thing of it because they thought it was a normal occurrence! Man, I wished I would have seen it! I hope he does it again soon. We work so hard on rolling around here.
  • Liam is consistently bringing toys to his mouth while laying on his back. This is a big deal because he has always had issues with his arms. He doesn't realize he has them in order to use them. So, not only is he realizing he has these amazing appendages, he is also realizing he can use them to play. Getting him to play independently with toys would be a huge deal and that's our next step.
  • Liam is now standing in his stander for long periods of time and holding his head up. He still drops it once in a while, but geez, it's a start! He's looking really good it in lately and with all the standing he's been wanting to do, it will help him with his weight bearing and extension for getting his noggin up.
  • Liam is very fascinated with my babbling as of late. He just stares at my mouth while I make open vowel sounds in various tones. He's always been interested in certain mouth movements, but this time it's different. It's like he's studying my mouth and trying to figure out how I'm doing it.
So, these are big changes for Liam. And we don't take any of this progress for granted. We take joy in each new step and appreciate everything for what it is....a blessing.

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