19 December 2009

Receptive language

Liam's comprehension of what I say to him is really starting to pick up. I have numerous things that I can say to him and he knows what I'm talking about (games, songs, stories, etc...). But it seems that he is picking things up quickly now and with just one word. It's like he is enjoying listening to us talk and is understanding things better.

For example, he learned yesterday what I mean when I say the word 'raspberry' (or 'razzberry') and he loves for me to give them.

He also likes it when my hands are cold and I ask him if I can warm them on his belly. =) He thinks that is pretty funny.

And he started making consonant sounds this week! He has always made open vowel sounds but he has added in a few consonants this week. It was funny to hear him say blah. So, I am hoping some babbling is right around the corner.

Now, if I could just find a speech path around here to help me out with it all.

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