17 October 2011

I applied for Liam to get stem cell therapy last March but he was denied because he was too skinny. I asked how fat they needed him and they couldn't give me a number for weight gain. I was just told that he needed to grow more and be able to have extra fat taken from his belly for the procedure.

This summer is when I started adding the coconut oil and the Duocal to his diet. I needed to get extra calories without extra volume and apparently it's worked really well. At Liam's GI appointment this week he was officially labeled as obese.  This new label cracks me up because while he has some chub, he is no where near what I would ever consider to be obese.

Liam's weight went from the 5th percentile to the 75th.
His height went from the 10th to the 25th.

But the marker that gives him the obese label is his height to weight ratio. It went from the 5th percentile to the 90th. He's grown well in weight but he's still short so his BMI is a whopping 17.44.

I'm so proud.

He has officially traded one label for another. FTT (failure to thrive) for obese.

I've reapplied for stem cell treatment with the hopes we can go soon. They need to be able to take 70-100 ml of fat. About 5 ml is equal to a teaspoon so they need at least 15 teaspoons. That sounds like a lot to have to find on Liam's belly even with his obese label.

According to the GI Liam needs to be restricted in his calorie intake at this point. In other words he needs to go on a diet. He is currently gaining 27 grams a day and should only be gaining 7. I'm fully on board with that. He is heavy and lifting him is hard.  But there was no way to do adipose treatment without getting this weight on first. Luckily our GI is on board with what we are doing and is excited for us. I'm to report back to her once we've gone so we can establish a new diet. All I need to do is take out the oil and duocal and we'll be good to go but they like to keep a close eye on him.


Let's hope that a BMI of 17.44 is enough for him to go!

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