12 October 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Being Irish (my dad is half Irish half German) I have always been in love with Ireland. When Rylie was young we talked a lot about going there someday, she is in love with it too. Then I got this brilliant idea!  I told her we could do one of two things when she turned 16. We could get her a car or we could take her on a trip to Ireland, which one would she prefer?

Rylie turned 16 in September and even though it's something we have talked about doing since she was 7, she was still surprised to find the tickets as a gift. After having Liam all life went on hold and our finances got mangled in the housing crisis and our family crisis, something we haven't been shy about sharing with our kids. Luckily I had been saving since Rylie was 7 and the money had remained relatively untouched. I started with only 20 bucks a month and would gradually increase it when I could. 

But after Liam came along I wondered if it would really happen. He is total care. And it takes someone intimate with him to care for him. I'm so thankful to my mom for moving in for the 2 weeks we were gone and allowing us to go on this trip. It's not like it's a stretch for her to step in and help out (I can always turn to her if I need it), but two weeks is a long time (she had no aid service while I was away and that's another post) and we couldn't have done it with out her.

After going on this trip I have really felt for the families of kids with special needs who don't have anyone to step in and help them out. I know how hard it is to get away at all let alone for two weeks.

We had an incredibly good time in Ireland. I miss it everyday. We were able to give Rylie an amazing trip, one I hope she will remember forever.

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