10 November 2011

The start of the season

This is a pitiful picture, a small glimpse of what Liam has been dealing with since Saturday. He caught what I thought was just my cold but he got a fever after the first day. Then his sinuses started clogging and because Liam is strictly a nose breather (unless he's in a deep sleep) his nights were horrible. He would try to breath though his nose, not get any air, then grit his teeth, and try to inhale even harder. It's a horrible sensation watching your child try to breath and can't.  I admit I was a bit irritated at God for not giving Liam the obvious choice of breathing through his mouth!

Yesterday morning I woke up to this:
His mouth is so dry that his lips cracked in several places and he has blood all over his teeth and lips.  His skin is so shiny because it is caked in vaseline and vapor rub.

Let's hope this isn't a precursor of the season to come.

Here's to starting the cold/flu season off in grand style, my little man!

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