05 December 2011

The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

I have been so bad with blogging lately. Not that there isn't anything to blog about...that isn't the problem. Just finding the time in the holiday season has been so hard lately.

Liam turned FOUR on November 27th. We had some friends celebrating with us and they asked me some questions about that fateful day.  It's hard for me to believe sometimes that 'it' really happened to me. It's hard to believe that the events of that day and the subsequent months really are our reality. Sometimes I feel like it happened to someone else....that it wasn't my real experience but one which I had in a dream. I just look back on all of those moments and can't believe they happened.

We celebrated this year with no cake since Liam won't eat it. I decided to do pie this year and had relative success with getting Liam to eat Key Lime pie. Relative success means I got in more than 4 bites and actually made it past the whipped cream to the actually pie. =)

Liam got a a Lightening McQueen remote control race car that he can actually operate himself. The controller is a big tire that operates the car just by pressing the button in the center. So if we hold the controller he can make it go by pressing the button himself.

Another year older...It's so hard to believe he's four!

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