04 March 2013

A few photos from the trip

I haven't had a chance before now to post pics* of our trip to Santo Domingo. As soon as I got home it became a rush to get get things done at the house, preparing me and the family for Liam and I to be gone for 2 weeks. We decided to move forward and do hbot and watched as God paved the way for this to happen as well as everything just fell right into place.

Liam had his first two dives today and will continue on until March 16th where we'll then return home for a while. We'll come back a month or so later for another 2 weeks of hbot. He does have some tender ears today but drops and diving slow should prevent anything serious from happening.

*Rylie has better photos-I'll have to post those when I get back to the family.

Looking out over Haiti
Traveling buddies

The gorgeous view from our room.

Acrobatic turtles at hotel's fountain.


Vials of stem cells ready for infusion.

Infusion taking place.

The thin line is the cath and the even thinner line is the stem cells being released.

Dr. Anthony who organizes everything...amazing guy!

Huge bed for such a little guy down there.

Getting breakfast at the buffet the morning after...no issues from the infusion.

Last view of the country from our window. The soccer pitch had people playing nonstop 18hrs a day.
Heading home!
If you could, continued prayers for Liam would be greatly appreciated...for healing by the stem cells and hbot and for definite miraculous changes in Liam.

Love you all.

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