25 February 2013

Home-final thoughts

What an experience! Liam did fabulous through the whole experience. I still sit back amazed at how it all came together and how I got to watch such a miraculous event take place. I still get chills thinking about watching those stem cells being infused into his brain.

I forgot to mention that Liam got an infusion in his IV as well. Apparently stem cells are different sizes and only the smaller ones can be infused to the brain. The leftover stem cells that are too large are not to be wasted so Liam got two IV drip bags full of those stem cells as well.

He only has minimal bruising now, turning green, and is healing very nicely. You'd never notice the pin prick from where the extraction was.
Bruising and scab from the needle for the extraction.
Beside his birth mark is a teeny incision from the catheter and bruising around.

The staff and doctors there were top notch. Dr. Anthony was amazing and very attentive. After the infusion he sat in the room with us for 2 hours until Liam calmed down. We talked about God, missions, youth of today and where his passions are. He is a devoted dad fighting for all special kids to get better.

He gave me a list of supplements to put Liam on right away.
  • HGH
  • Piracetam
  • DMG
  • Hydergine
All supplements to help with brain function.

The Dominican is a "Third World" country but is miles ahead of the USA in regards to it's use of stem cells. We are so blessed to have been able to go.

Flying home I came across this article in Delta Sky Magazine. While not the exact same thing we did, it's the same idea. Using stem cells to heal.

Coincidence, eh?

After wrapping things up with Dr. A. he told me to take Liam for HBOT as soon as we got home. I was thrown for a loop on that one because I thought we were done with 'treatments'. He said, "It's a must." I told him about the sequestration thing going on and how we were going to be losing a lot of my husbands pay next week and that we were all out of money to do anything else. He said to do at least 20 dives if we couldn't do 40. It's the 1-2 punch, he says. The stem cells wrap around those injured areas and cause new connections to be made and the HBOT opens them up to start working.

Please be in prayer for us over this. I have to leave my family for 3 1/2 weeks. It's expensive and of course, insurance nor medicaid covers it. I did talk to the place we went before and he told me he'd give me a cheaper price when I explained our situation and that we were just coming back from stem cells, but it will still be over $4000 to do this (housing and charges). I had no idea about how important it was to do HBOT afterwards and just feel all out of sorts over this unexpected blip in the journey. I was looking forward to getting heavily into therapies for Liam and taking advantage of the few sessions he has left before school gets out. He doesn't get services in the summer.

Whatever happens, everyone knows we witnessed a miracle in Liam getting stem cells. God truly provided in every sense of the word, from the financial aspect to the spiritual, to the emotional to the physical....He had his hands all over this. We are so very grateful to our prayer warriors and would ask for continued prayer for healing and success for Liam. The next 8 months are when we expect to see some amazing things.

Love you all.

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