06 February 2013

Two weeks to go!

Two weeks from now Liam and I will be sleeping in our hotel room in the Dominican Republic resting up for his procedure the next afternoon.

I'm trying not to over think things because that will get me mentally in trouble. I will be traveling alone with Liam and obviously if I could be traveling with someone else, that would be the best option, to have the extra hands.

Liam does not like his car seat in anything other than our suburban. We have put him in Rylie's car and he threw a fit the entire drive across town, took forever to calm down once he got out, then started crying again when he say the door open knowing he had to get back in.  We also tried a friends jeep thinking the open top would be fun and would take his mind off of him not being in his car. He cried all the way to the beach and back.

Our flight is at 6 am so that has us leaving our house at 5 am (luckily we are 5 min. from the airport). I'm not happy about that myself and that will be really hard on Liam as well. So he's going to be starting off really bad that morning.

The day of traveling isn't terrible, but it will be long for Liam. He will have to be in his car seat for much of it and it isn't his favorite place even when it's in our vehicle.

As you all know, Liam has no head control. What he wants is to have his head up on it's shoulders the way it should be. He continually tries to put his head upright from the reclined position he is in in his car seat or stroller, but then when he gets it upright it falls down and he can not pick it back up. He also gets very excited around lots of people and when he gets excited he has even less control of no control, if that makes any sense. What that means for us is that while walking through the airport, pulling my carry on and pushing a stroller with my free hand, I will continually be stopping and picking his head back up for him until he can calm down and relax. We will have one layover going down and two coming home.

Once we get to the DR we will be taking an hour taxi drive to our hotel which means another location, strange to Liam, that will give him anxiety.

We will land at 2:30 DR time but allowing in the time to get through customs and out of the airport, the taxi drive, and checking in at our hotel, I expect we won't be able to relax until 5. That's a 12 hour travel day for Liam which is asking a lot out of him. He's a very easy going kid so I have high hopes but know that it will still be rough for him.

If you can, please think of us February 20th and say a few prayers that it all goes better than I could have hoped.
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