14 February 2013

One week to go!

I had heard the large convertible car seats are hard to fit in airplane seats and with their heavy weight they are hard to carry in and out of the plane and to get down the narrow aisles. Well, that's what we use for Liam, the large Britax Roundabout. I thought I'd try to find what experienced travelers use for their toddlers so I googled, "best car seat for traveling with a toddler on an airplane" (yes, I googled every word).  And since I'm traveling alone with Liam I would like e.a.s.y. if at all possible.

Up popped a message board that listed the Cosco Scenera. It could be found at Wal-Mart. For only $39. Say whaaat?  They said it was lightweight, narrower, and easier to use than the more expensive Britax models. And it was only $39! I checked it out at walmart.com, picked a cute polka dotted color, and had it shipped to my house for .97 cents. I honestly figured it probably wouldn't work with Liam and his tone and I would just return it. So, imagine my surprise that it worked. It really, really worked! Liam could sit in it just fine and he really seemed to like it.

But would it work with Liam's Ottobock Kimba stroller base? We had planned to strap the Britax to the base by taking the plastic bottom off the Kimba seat, securing it onto the base and then using the tether over the handle to strap the Britax onto it. Not too difficult but with the cumbersome size and the tether, it wasn't as easy as I would have hoped because I will have to be telling the airline attendant how to do it because I will be holding Liam. Or she can hold Liam and I can put on the seat. Either way- not ideal with the Britax.

Imagine my surprise (again) when Shawn put the Cosco seat on the frame of the Kimba and it fit so nice and snug that it looked like it was molded just for this frame!!

But wait.

It gets better.

Shawn was rigging it up with the tether over the handle like the Britax had been. But it wasn't as perfect as he would like. It was decent I could push Liam around in it and it felt pretty solid, but it wasn't ideal. Shawn and I sat on the floor and started looking at the seat and the base trying to think about how to make the seat just a bit more secure (cuz I will have to haul hiney through the airports seein's how I am the last one off and my layovers are short) when what to my wondering eyes appear? I spy something green underneath the padding, where Liam's sweet checks are currently sitting and I pull it out. Imagine my surprise- no really, seriously- I am so freakin' surprised to see that it is an additional tether strap! But what is so cool about this little strap is that it is attached to the back of the car seat in a T shape with two latches on each end. These latches fit perfect to the side of the stroller frame. Like it was made for it. I kid you not! We just sat there in shock.

What a relief for me to be able to take a light weight car seat! It will be so much easier for me to get him strapped in and out of this one on the plane. It will be easier for an attendant to carry it off for me and easier for them to put on the base because all they literally have to do is set it on there. Or I might even be able to carry Liam off the plane while still sitting in the seat which would be the best.

I'm so thankful for a God that is involved in even the smallest of the details.

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