22 February 2013

We did it!

Im typing this from the ipad so if it looks junky, that's why! It apparently doesn't keep the paragraph form once it posts. >:( I wanted to try to fill in the details of yesterday while they are fresh in my mind. We got to the hospital at about 2:00 local time. After meeting Dr. anthony we we taken upstairs to the fourth floor. We got a really nice room (pictures later cuz I have no way to post them on the ipad) and waiting for them to finish prepping the surgery room. We took Liam to the fifth floor a short time later. I walked with him all the way to the surgery room. We wrapped him in a surgical gown, little booties, and a hat. Which he promptly flung off. Then they took him away. Dr. anthony prayed over Liam and the Drs and the procedure and then we headed back to our room on the fourth floor to wait. I was confused on how the schedule would go because of what I had read. I assumed we would see Liam after they extracted the stem cells while they waited for them to be processed. We didnt. They kept Liam and the processing was significantly shorter than I thought. Dr. anthony came in about two hours later telling me to hurry because I could watch them infuse the cells! We all hurried down the hall (liam was now on our fourth floor) and we walked into this surgical cath lab with big glass windows. Liam was asleep on the table (anesthesia was propofol) and the cardiac interventionist (I think thats what he said he was) was snaking the cath up his carotid on his right side. We watched as the stem cells were released and pulsed through, lighting up his brain. Then he pulled the cath down, went up his left side and released some more. They were at least 4 60cc syringes used for infusing in his brain. They had a container sitting on the table full of Liams stem cells. He sucked them all up until they were gone. The Dr. Showed me the angio-seal used to seal off his artery and then it was done! I couldnt believe how quick it all went. We were expecting hours. Liam was waking up as he was putting in the angio-seal. They do not give any pain meds following the procedure. I dont know if Liam was in pain but he was pissed to be sure. He cried for two hours non-stop. When he gets that mad he snorts and that makes him madder because it hurts him. So the vicious cycle lasted until we got in the van to come back to the hotel. He would not sleep on his back lasst night....would only sleep on his side curled up with me. They hydrated him well, I had to change his diaper 4 times since the procedure. The center where this is done is excellent. Liam had a top notch anesthesiologist who is also a critical care interventionist in the ER. He had a plastic surgeon remove the stem cells and the cardiac interventionist who did the cath is supposed to be one the most highly trained in the world. They have an excellent team here caring for these kids. This center will be going globsl with a news announcement shortly and they expect to get flooded with patients. Im so thankful for what they do here. This procedure cost a fraction of the price it would cost in the US, if they even did it...which they dont. Dr. Anthony has watched stem cells cure alzheimers, lupus, autism, and more. When he prayed over Liam he prayed for "the life blood, the marrow of Liam to heal him because life is in the blood. And jesus gave his blood so that we might have life, let the blood heal" My bestie asked me if yesterday felt like Christmas Eve to me because it felt like it to her. I said it didnt because the momma bear side had kicked in when I got to the hospital and my thoughts were for only in that moment and prayer time kicked in. But i can Tell you that i woke up today feeling like it was Christmas. We have torn through the roof and laid Liam at Jesus feet believing in miracles to come. And i cant wait to watch liam open them.

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