01 April 2013

Here we go

Today is the day! Liam is quitting formula cold turkey. He's been on Nestle Compleat for the last two years. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of having the formula delivered right to my door and there not being any preparation for it whatsoever, I just open the container and pour it in his tubing, I am thrilled that he will be getting off of the corn syrup.

While there is much debate on whether corn syrup is good or bad, I am going to go with the assumption that is is bad. It is the second ingredient in Nestle Compleat. That means, that out of the 38-40 ounces of formula Liam gets each day, he is getting mostly water and corn syrup. That corn syrup is probably coming from GMO corn. That means it's genetically modified. 

I took my concerns up with the Dr's over the years and got poo pooed about it. I know it's the contributing carbohydrate but, come on. Recently, my fave ped said that having that much corn syrup was no different than having a corn based diet. Um. HUH? Who eats that much corn? And since it's most likely GMO, that would be a no no for anyone's diet let alone my little challenged guy who has gut issues to begin with. 

Taking the plunge to get him off though has been conflicting for me because I want to make sure he's getting a nutritionally balanced meal while keeping volume low and calories high. I wasn't sure where to start. Enter in the internet, a little bit of math and research, and you get me to today- throwing off scientific idealogues and going with my gut.

Here's what I blended today:
2 cups kefir 440 kcal
1/4 cup steel cut oats 140 kcal
2T molasses 120 kcal
3T olive oil 360 kcal
1 banana 105 kcal
1 baby jar of turkey 70 kcal
1 scoop of protein powder 120 kcal
multi vitamin
Makes 32 ounces.
I threw it all in my new Blendtec blender (which is fantastic btw) and came up with this bad boy blend right here. It only took 30 seconds and Lian has a full days worth of food, packed with all natural ingredients, no GMO anything, and enough calories to fulfill his daily intake. With a little free water added in, Liam is getting everything he needs, made at home and not in a factory.

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