15 April 2013

My sweet, crazy boy...

When I put my sweet little boy to bed, I thank God for him every night. No matter how screwed up our day can be, no matter what path I thought we were on and what we have had to diverge down, no matter whether Liam will ever speak a word or care for himself, I am so thankful that we were given Liam.

Yesterday could have been better, I won't go into details because it's gross, but suffice it to say that we had a full fledged mess on our hands and Liam couldn't have been happier about it. He 'talked' non stop for an hour. It's moments like that that we have to just laugh it off or else we could get pretty bitter. This is something we may have to do for the rest of our lives.  At times, it isn't pretty. Yet, I still would never wish for us to have an out.

I know 5 years ago I would have thought having to care for a child like Liam would have been the worst thing to ever happen. But that was very, very selfish of me. And I'm so thankful God knows the plans he has for me.

I hate the phrase, "God gives special kids to special parents". I am nothing special... but wow... is Liam something special!

Being mom to Liam doesn't make me feel special just because he has special needs.

It's just knowing Liam that makes me feel special.

I wish everyone could feel as special as I do when I get to tuck this little guy into bed at night.

He may never utter a word, but his life is speaking volumes.

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