24 September 2013

A month of changes

God has been so good to us during this season of changes. Liam being in school was always a bad idea when we first considered it and having a team on board that thought he could do it along with the positive changes we saw take place in Liam over the last year brought us to the decision that we should try it.

I am truly ecstatic to see Liam loving it. Liam only goes 3 1/2 hours a day and last week when I picked him up, wheeled him out to the truck, and opened his door, he started crying. He had full on tears with the rumpled up face. Liam pretty much never cries so I asked him if he was upset about leaving school and if he wanted to go back inside. He immediately stopped crying and looked at me. I told him he could have five more minutes and I wheeled him back inside where we surprised everyone by showing back up.

The staff was so happy to hear the story and it makes this momma's heart glad to know that he loves being there as much as he does and they love having him there. To know that your child is loved on by others is such a gift and when dealing with the needs Liam has, it's a special soul that looks past it all and loves on him anyway. Honestly, we have been truly blessed to have a lot of caring people in Liam's life, from church, to friends, to school, Liam's challenges have been overlooked by many an adult and they have loved on him in spite of them.
Math lesson

Circle time around the board for math

Liam's awesome one to one mentor Ronnie. He LOVES her.

I had Liam's annual IEP yesterday and it went really well. I think the goals they have are well thought out and the amount of interaction between therapists looks promising. One of the biggest changes for us is that because of Liam's success in the room and his desire to be there we are increasing his time to 4 hours 15 min a day.  Liam will start his day at 8:45 and end at 1:00.  I am really happy about the increase because when I would pick Liam up at 12:30 he would be in the middle of the math lesson and I always feel bad about having him leave before it's over. I would be taking him out of the circle and interrupting his lesson. It's probably part of the reason he got so upset at me the other day.

Liam's stamped tree
Liam was really proud of this cat mask.  He chose brown ears and the orange for the face and whenever I talk to him about it he just grins his silly grin. His teacher wasn't sure he really wanted brown because everyone else was choosing black but he told her twice that that was what he wanted and I think he's super proud of himself for making his own choices and seeing the results of it. 

Liam is having a great time. He's learning a lot. He's engaged with his teachers, therapists, and peers and he loves being there.  I'm so grateful for the support we are receiving and for the mentor God provided. It's truly been a wonderful season of change.
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