18 October 2013

Field trip's a trip

Remember how fun field trips were when you were in school? It was a day off from school work, we didn't have to sit in the chair all day and work at the chalkboard, and we got to do something interesting and exciting, something out of the ordinary. Normally the highlight of the week was getting picked to go outside and clean erasers, seeing how many words you could spell before the chalk dust faded away.

I still remember some of my favorite field trips though: getting to see how milk was bottled, going to the fair, seeing the local community theater, and visiting the fire station.

Liam got to go on his first field trip this week. He got to go bowling! I heard he had a fabulous time. I would have seen it first hand if I'd gotten my hiney out of the house and over there on time but I got so wrapped up in writing that my morning turned to afternoon before I even looked at the clock. I rushed to school and met them coming back in. His teachers filled me in on what I'd missed.

 Liam is a lefty, whether by nature or necessity we don't know, but apparently becomes a righty when it comes to sports. They said he used his right hand to roll the ball down the frame. He even bowled a strike! They were all so excited for him that they cheered and hollered. But that made him cry because he can only handle mild excitement over his achievements. Too much enthusiasm and he has a break down. Seriously, he will bawl if you cheer for him.

Not one to quit though, he soldiered on and finished up two games with a score of 96 and 112.

He even got a medal.

That's my little dude; having a field trip day to remember.

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