16 October 2013

First School Pics

You need to hear this back story.

It's Liam's first picture day for his first year of school. This momma thought it was later on in the week so I didn't have him wearing any cute clothes. He shows up for school wearing his Jack Skellington tee. Like a boss.

When I find out they are doing the pictures I asked them if they could just make sure he's looking at the camera and to take the photo with his neck brace off and arms down. He has enough gear around all the time that not capturing it in the photo would be a bonus.

When they got down to the photographer they told him they would have to do some wrangling and fidgeting and lots of prep to get Liam positioned right with his arms down, head straight, and looking at the camera.  The photographer, apparently a manly type man, had told them he'd seen it all so it was no biggie. He would snap away while they did their job in order to get a good photo.

Here's what he was able to capture.

Look at how thrilled he looks.

All the fuss to get him in a good position, to take the photo, the bright lights, the camera, and all the action was just too much in the end.

A few seconds after this photo was snapped Liam hurled all over the place. This rough and manly photographer who had seen it all and could handle anything bolted.  Liam's teacher and aid were left to try to manage him, his now nasty clothes, and get him out of his chair to clean him up.

It's all good though. Nothing like baptism by vomit. His aid and teacher have officially been brought into the fold. I don't feel so all alone now.

I was super excited to get his pictures back knowing the story behind it. And then I was extremely disappointed when I got them. I can deal with the no smile, but seriously, a photographer that touts he's 'been there, done that' doesn't even have the knowledge to take a photo that doesn't put a glare on Liam's glasses?  And he didn't notice the big buckle hanging in midair by his head from where his bag accidentally got left on his stroller?

I would have thought more of a man who'd 'seen everything'.

Lucky for Liam, he gets a redo. Let's hope the photographer is better prepared.

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