15 January 2014

Le surréalisme, c'est moi

Reminders of a life, long since gone, crop up when I least expect it.

How many parents get a note sent home about their child's heart rate, O2 saturation, and respiratory rate with a side of chest compressions?

When I've fallen into this normal and have become relaxed at this life I'm occasionally jerked back to a reality that reminds me that even this normal has unexpected turns that throw me.

Some things for me are just surreal. 

I received a call from staff and a note sent home from the nurse clocking every moment that took place in the nurse's office detailing Liam's 'episode' at school.  I'm thankful for a caring staff, therapists, and a nurse who make sure I'm informed and for the precations they take to make sure Liam is okay. I know he's very well loved and cared for there. 

I must laugh off these moments with Liam, taking it in stride. We are so blessed that Liam hasn't ever been hospitalized since he left the NICU almost 6 years ago. But I know someday that might change and for now, I will bask in the surrealism and enjoy the curves because I am believe I am blessed beyond measure.

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