29 May 2014

Getting closer!

We are 79 1/2% funded! We are getting closer to gettting Liam down to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for another stem cell treatment. I am so stinking excited to be able to offer this opportunity for him again.

If you would like to take part in getting us there, you can donate directly to Liam's account through this paypal link.

We are also selling the last of the Limitless Tees. We have a few smalls, a few mediums, and for the larger men in your life that neeeeeeed one of these, I have several!!  This is the only fundraising we are doing so if you'd like to help in any way, every little bit adds up to a life changing trip for him!

Liam finally got his new car seat delivered last week. But something seemed off about it and when I got to really looking at it, it was definitely used. In what capacity I don't know (it could have been a model or used by a child) but the dude from our DME company said it had come right out of the box. Well someone put a used car seat in the box.  I looked for the manufacture date and sure enough, it was a two year old seat. :/

On his behalf, our DME dude was flabbergasted. I told him to take the seat and call me when they got a brand new one in.

So, again we wait.

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