21 June 2014

On to 1st

We are two full weeks out from the last day of kindergarten and Liam is already bored. He cried on the last day of school. It could have been the loop of Pharrel Williams "Happy" being blasted through the intercom system on continual loop, but I'm pretty sure he was sad that the year was coming to an end.

First & last day of school. Mostly just longer hair, and a crappy pic but otherwise looks the same.

We had an IEP meeting the last week of school and I learned a few things about how Liam's year and goals were going. I was surprised to hear that some goals were met and excited to hear that he was holding his head in prone for 5 seconds at a time. That is so very, very hard for him. The most important was his communication skills and seeing the progress he has made and how they are going to move forward this next year. He's got a good team on board working with the PODD communication system and will be implementing them at the beginning of the year. His aid will be wearing pictures in order to provide constant opportunities for Liam to see and use the pictures.

Liam's one to one aid was a fabulous fit for him and she worked very hard with him and for him.  She knows him really well, can read his cues, and makes sure he gets to participate and be an active member of his class. It's not a definite that she will be hired back this next year and if she's not I will be one irate momma. It's in Liam's IEP that he requires a one to one and she's perfect so we are praying she gets to come back. It doesn't make sense not to hire her back.
The dynamic duo- and look at that awesome t-shirt!

We are 82% funded for our stem cell trip!  If we keep on the path we are on it will be Sept before we will be able to go, but that's just fine. It's still early in the year and God's timing is always perfect. Please pray we continue to sell the remaining tees and if you'd like to donate anything at all, you can click on the link below. It goes right to Liam's account for his medical trip only.

Thanks for all your prayers, for following along, and the kind words of your support. Liam doesn't understand what all everyone has done to make his life better, but his family will never forget! :)

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